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Musical Delights: A Journey Through the 1920s-1950s

pianist: Nicolas Pratt

vocalist: Joseph S. Fordham

Dive into the beauty of American music with our curated collection of nearly 700 songs. Experience the essence of timeless classics by icons like the Gershwin Brothers, Rogers and Hammerstein, Cole Porter, and many more. These songs span decades and genres, from jazz to musical theater and pop.

We believe music is essential to the human soul. Our goal is to bridge these classics with both the generation who first loved them and new fans alike. Whether a longtime lover or a new admirer of American music, discover its magic with us. Join in celebrating the rich legacy of these unforgettable tunes.

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About Us

With over 80 years of combined musical experience, we have been playing together for 8+ years, learning and enjoying the endless wonderful songs of the 20s-50s. We both have a passion for music, and are excited to share it with a wider audience.

Joseph S. Fordham

Joseph, from Charlottesville, VA, has a deep love for history and a curiosity that drives him to explore the U.S.'s diverse landscapes and cultures. He's particularly captivated by the music of the 1920s-1940s, with artists like Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra taking him to a bygone era of elegance. Now living in Richmond, Joseph believes life's richness comes from moments spent with loved ones, whether over a meal or deep conversations. These connections and memories create the soundtrack of his life's journey.

Nicolas Pratt

Nicolas, from DeLand, Illinois, has loved music since childhood. Starting piano at five, his talent quickly grew, especially towards classical compositions and the unique blend of classical and jazz like George Gershwin's works. Alongside his musical journey, Nicolas is fascinated by technology and has built a career in it. While enjoying modern tech, he remains passionate about music in his free time. Now in Richmond with his family, he's eager to share on his love for music to the all generations.

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